Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat: A Global Icon And Social & Political Activist Syed Basharat Hussain (Moosa) Visits Jammu & Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization Event At Kashmir Heritage Government Arts Emporium

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat: A Global Icon And Social & Political Activist Syed Basharat Hussain (Moosa) Visits Jammu & Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization Event At Kashmir Heritage Government Arts Emporium

Srinagar, June 20, 2024 – Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, a renowned global icon and a dedicated social and political activist Syed Basharat Hussain (Moosa), made a significant visit to the Jammu & Kashmir Trade Promotion Organization (JKTPO) event held at the Kashmir Heritage Government Arts Emporium from June 20th to June 24th, 2024. This event aimed to showcase the rich cultural heritage and diverse commercial products of Jammu & Kashmir, bringing together traders from across India and local startups for an immersive experience.

During his visit, Dr. Bhat interacted with a variety of pan-India traders and local entrepreneurs, leaving a lasting impact on all participants. The event was a vibrant celebration of Jammu & Kashmir’s unique cultural and commercial landscape, featuring an array of products and innovations from local startups and established businesses alike.

Highlights of the Event

Local Startups and Innovators:

  • Khyenkhoardan by Ruhab: A startup that has been making waves with its innovative products and approach.
  • Durrein: Known for its unique and high-quality offerings.
  • GR8 Sports: Showcasing the latest in sports equipment and apparel.
  • Dubai Special – Mohabbat Ka Sharbat: A refreshing drink that captured the attention of many attendees.
  • Vezlay: Specializing in plant-based protein and modern-style foods, providing a healthy and sustainable alternative.
  • Walnut Crafts and Papier-mâché: Highlighting the intricate and traditional crafts that are a hallmark of Kashmiri culture.

Diverse Range of Products

The event featured a rich assortment of products that highlighted the economic and cultural wealth of Jammu & Kashmir, including:

  • Handicrafts & Gifts: Showcasing the region’s traditional craftsmanship.
  • Handloom & Textile: Featuring beautiful and intricate textile products.
  • Processed Food: Offering a variety of packaged and ready-to-eat food items.
  • Bakery and Confectionery: Presenting delicious baked goods and sweets.
  • HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café): Providing industry-specific products and services.
  • Household Articles: Including a range of useful and decorative home items.

Dr. Bhat’s Address and Interactions

Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat’s presence was a highlight of the event. In his address to the attendees and while speaking to several media outlets, he expressed his admiration for the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and the rich cultural heritage on display. He emphasized the importance of supporting local businesses and startups, which are crucial for the socio-economic development of the region.

“The diversity and richness of Jammu & Kashmir’s culture and commerce are truly remarkable. It’s inspiring to see such innovation and dedication from our local entrepreneurs and traders. Events like this are essential for promoting our unique heritage and boosting our economy,” said Dr. Bhat.

He also wished all the traders the best of luck, encouraging them to continue their efforts in showcasing the best of what Jammu & Kashmir has to offer. His interactions with the local startups were particularly impactful, as he provided valuable insights and motivation to the budding entrepreneurs.

A Remarkable Event

The JKTPO event at the Kashmir Heritage Government Arts Emporium was more than just a trade show; it was a celebration of the region’s potential and a testament to the resilience and creativity of its people. Attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the richness of Jammu & Kashmir’s culture and commerce, exploring a diverse range of products that reflect the region’s heritage and modern innovations.

This event not only provided a platform for local traders and startups to showcase their products but also fostered a sense of community and shared purpose among the participants. It was a reminder of the power of collaboration and the importance of preserving and promoting the unique cultural identity of Jammu & Kashmir.

As the event concluded, the words of Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat & Syed Basharat Hussain (Moosa) resonated with everyone present, leaving them inspired and motivated to continue their journey of innovation and cultural preservation. The JKTPO event was indeed a remarkable success, paving the way for future initiatives that will further enhance the socio-economic landscape of Jammu & Kashmir.

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