Embarking on a journey that spans nearly a quarter of a century, our commitment to the exquisite craftsmanship of teakwood has shaped the very essence of the Teakita story. It all began in the year 1999 when our inaugural showroom welcomed its doors in the vibrant locale of Kota Damansara. Initially, we ventured into the realm of furniture by collaborating with local Indonesian suppliers, bridging the gap between their creations and the homes of Malaysia.

However, the pursuit of unwavering quality soon guided us towards a more immersive approach. The passage of time witnessed a transformation as we gradually assumed greater control over the entire production process. As early as 2002, our vision materialized in the form of an independent product finishing plant. This strategic move bestowed upon us the power to shape every intricate detail of the final offerings.

Yet, our aspirations didn’t stop there. The year 2007 marked a pivotal juncture as we proudly established our very own factory, a realm where raw timber undergoes an enchanting metamorphosis into resplendent creations, all under a single roof. This dynamic integration of manufacturing stages not only champions the cause of quality but also underscores our unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing. The origins of every raw material can be traced back to ethical and legitimate sources, a testament to our dedication.

Amidst an industry fixated on mass production, we embarked on a different path. Our production methodologies underwent a process of refinement, enabling us to orchestrate the creation of custom-designed furniture on an expansive scale. This pioneering approach has bestowed upon us the ability to bestow a touch of uniqueness to each furniture piece, a reflection of the diversity of our clientele.


Within the heart of Southeast Asia, India, and the tropical enclaves of South America, the magnificence of teakwood, known as Kayu Jati in Malay, unfurls. A sensory experience accompanies freshly milled teak, with its distinctive leather-like aroma enveloping the senses. Yet, teak’s allure transcends its olfactory charm; it stands celebrated for its exceptional durability and innate resistance to water and insects. A historical darling, teak has adorned boat hulls, architectural marvels, and furniture with an air of prestige. This timber variety, endowed with unique attributes, is granted protected status.

Teak’s gradual growth paints a portrait of patience. It takes an average of 35 to 50 years for plantation-grown teak to mature adequately for harvesting. The untamed teak trees in their natural habitat often exceed this timeline, bearing testament to their venerable age. Recognizing the imperatives of ethics and sustainability, we pledge to refrain from felling these ancient beings for furniture crafting. Instead, our teak is sourced exclusively from Indonesia’s legal forests, sanctuaries where stringent governmental oversight orchestrates logging and the subsequent reforestation of this cherished timber.


Envision a realm where time bends in deference to the indomitable spirit of teak furniture. A symphony of strength and endurance, your teak furniture can grace your abode for an impressive span of 50 to 70 years, and perhaps even beyond. The allure of teak’s longevity rests upon its remarkable robustness, a characteristic that has been refined over generations. What’s more, the enchantment of teak deepens with the passage of time, as it gracefully weathers various climatic extremities. This transformation is achieved without the crutch of treatments or preservatives, leaving its innate charm unadulterated.

In conclusion, the Teakita narrative is one of dedication, transformation, and an unwavering commitment to the timeless elegance of teakwood. Over the course of almost 25 years, we have evolved from a humble showroom into a bastion of craftsmanship and responsible sourcing. Our journey is intrinsically linked with the splendor of teak – a timber that carries within its grains the tales of distant lands and enduring beauty. With each creation that bears the Teakita signature, we celebrate not just furniture, but a legacy etched in wood.

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